At Hummusology, we aren’t simply philosophers of hummus, we embody hummus

Here at Hummusology, we believe that making delicious Israeli-Style hummus is a science that is learned not just from using fresh and authentic ingredients, but by celebrating and sharing a culture that is intrinsically connected to every Israeli and hummus lover alike.

The story of Hummusology is simple and ambitious; we wanted to share with Philadelphia the hummus that we know and love, and in the fall of 2016 we opened our doors. In Tel Aviv, one can find hummusiyas at almost every corner and we at Hummusology sought to bring the same taste and ambiance to Washington Square West.

In our state-side hummusiya you can enjoy fresh hummus with six savoury toppings - ranging from fava beans (ful) to shakshuka - freshly baked pita, chopped salad replete with Israeli pickles, olives, and pickled hot peppers. Our menu also offers popular Israeli foods such as sabich (roasted eggplant pita sandwich) and borekas.

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